See It Yourself

A virtual relocation service that allows you to see your home before you move

Available now on iOS & Android

Visualize moving like never before

How It Works

  • Real Data

    No more unreliable pictures or unrealistic online reviews that you simply can’t trust (we hate those too!). Uncover the true nature of your future home in real time, from the comfort of your current home.

  • Seamless Communication

    You tell us what language you want to communicate in and we’ll do our best to match you with a Recorder who speaks the same language. Here’s to bringing down those language barriers.

  • Flexible Schedule

    As a Recorder, you have the flexibility of completing your job on your own time, choosing your work radius, and earning as much as you’d like. Cheers to no work experience required and still earning more than minimum wage!

  • Information Storage

    Your Recorder will send personalized housing videos and pictures right to you. Simply download all that data onto your phone and BAM! You’re one step closer to the house of your dreams.

About SIY

We're an on-demand marketplace that moves away from unrealistic online images and unreliable online reviews to allow individuals who are looking to relocate, see what their future home really looks like. With the See It Yourself App, users who sign up as Explorers match with SIY Recorders to experience a truly transparent, unbiased and personally crafted virtual touring experience. Additionally, our SIY Recorders earn $$ to record these select housing videos. To join our virtual relocation service, download the SIY App today!

Available now on iOS & Android app stores!