FAQ Explorer:

  • How does this work?

    • Hire a Recorder for a home you would like a closer look at and we’ll match you with someone who can craft a personalized touring experience for you. They will send you live pictures and videos of the home and also their personal opinions of the home, to assist you with making an informed decision.Watch your introductory video here to learn more.
  • What do I have to do?

    • Just enter the address of the home and once matched, tell your Recorder what type of home to look at (ex: 2 bed + 2 bath unit)
  • What are special requests?

    • If you have a special request, such as wanting to see the inside of the kitchen cabinets, be sure to let your Recorder know!
  • How is this different than online reviews/pictures?

    • Everything you’ll see will be in real-time. Our Recorders are regular people, not brokers or agents. They don’t use any fancy equipment, only their phones. We don’t work the lighting or use photoshop. What you’ll see is actually what you’ll get.
  • How many houses do I see in $129?

    • You get complete coverage of 1 home. This includes a snapshot of the street the home is on, a complete viewing of the home itself, your personal requests, and the personal opinions of your Recorder. If you requested a student, you’ll get some quality chat time as well!
  • What is the difference in requesting a student and not requesting one?

    • Requesting a student allows you to chat with your Recorder about college life in your future home location. Utilize your chat messenger to go beyond the virtual home tour and start planning your big move!
  • What happens if I like the home?

    • Great! You can contact the leasing office or agent of the home you sent your Recorder to and have them assist you with finalizing your contract.
  • For any other questions or concerns:

    • Contact us through the help tab and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

About SIY

We're an on-demand marketplace that moves away from unrealistic online images and unreliable online reviews to allow individuals who are looking to relocate, see what their future home really looks like. With the See It Yourself App, users who sign up as Explorers match with SIY Recorders to experience a truly transparent, unbiased and personally crafted virtual touring experience. Additionally, our SIY Recorders earn $$ to record these select housing videos. To join our virtual relocation service, download the SIY App today!

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