FAQ Viewer:

  • How does this work?

    • Create an account and enter the verification code you found on a listed home online. Then simply checkout and receive all the SIY Verified home videos and pictures right to your in-app data library.
  • Where do I find a verification code?

    • Codes are listed on public home listing websites (such as Apartments.com, StreetEasy, Craigslist etc).
  • How many videos and pictures do I get per purchase?

    • There is no limit to the number of files you’ll receive! We give you as many as provided by the Lister.
  • How much does this cost?

    • We charge a flat rate fee of $5.
  • I need help.

    • Reach out to us via the “Help” tab in your settings!

About SIY

We're an on-demand marketplace that moves away from unrealistic online images and unreliable online reviews to allow individuals who are looking to relocate, see what their future home really looks like. With the See It Yourself App, users who sign up as Explorers match with SIY Recorders to experience a truly transparent, unbiased and personally crafted virtual touring experience. Additionally, our SIY Recorders earn $$ to record these select housing videos. To join our virtual relocation service, download the SIY App today!

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